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Our Approach

At Legacy Relief Project, we believe in integrating with our mission partners on the ground. We like to say we are a wedge, forming into whatever our partners may need; whether it be training security forces, setting up supply routes, or even ground movement for supplies in hostile areas.


“I just want to thank Ben and Legacy Relief Project for what they've done and just the impact they've made. And I believe that this is going to be a huge foundation building block for many missionaries, and those around the globe... I would just ask you to pray and consider giving, because what's going on here is bigger than what you can imagine, me and my wife and five kids feel safer.” -

Mark Stockland CEO for Haiti Bible Mission

“While Overture excels in crisis care, family preservation, and strengthening, LRP has proven themselves in rescuing and evacuating children from dangerous territories...We are incredibly grateful for LRP's partnership and ongoing work to protect Haiti's most vulnerable.” -

Lisa Hyatt Co-Founder of Overture Outreach International

About Us

The Legacy Relief Project, a non-profit organization registered in the U.S. as a 501c3 entity.

Operating both within the United States and abroad, we establish enduring partnerships with local government bodies, international organizations, as well as military and law enforcement agencies. Over the past year, our efforts have yielded significant accomplishments. We've established supply lines, distributed thousands of meals, provided training to local law enforcement agencies, rescued 36 children from gang violence, and undertaken numerous other initiatives.

Our commitment remains unwavering: we will persist in our efforts until all individuals are liberated from oppression.

Benjamin’s foundation in global operations stems from ten years of service in the U.S. Army, where he completed multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan. Following his time in the U.S. Army, he gained extensive executive protection and undercover experience in the Middle East while serving as a private security contractor for the Department of State. Ben then specialized in infrastructure security for the Department of Defense and for private oil & gas enterprises while working as a Security Advisor to the Badlands Security Group. He also has experience as a Federal Police Officer at the United States Air Force Academy.

Ben Corbett, CEO

Zack is an active duty U.S. Army Green Beret where he partners with local national internal defense forces to strengthen their security and defense capabilities. Through deployments to the Middle East and Eastern Europe, Zack developed a unique perspective of the modern battlefield while refining his skills of operating undetected. He is also a graduate of Kent State Police Officer Academy and a former U.S. Army logistician.

Zack Slanker, COO

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