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Supporting LRP

Legacy Relief Project proudly partners with National Christian Foundation to provide a secure donation platform, ensuring that contributions reach those in need with efficiency and transparency. As a trusted partner, Legacy Relief Project exemplifies the values of compassion and stewardship in its mission to serve communities across the globe. Legacy Relief Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.  For more information concerning donations please contact

Cash Gifts

Gifts of U.S. dollars may be given via check, money order, debit/credit card, or wire transfer.

Ways to Donate


Publicly traded securities, issued by US businesses registered with the SEC and eligible for trading on national exchanges, can be gifted electronically or with physical certificates. Find donation instructions on NCF's website at

Non-Cash Gifts

NCF accepts various assets, such as privately-held corporate stock, restricted securities, real estate, personal property, royalties, life insurance, loan notes, and estate gifts (from wills or trusts).

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