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Legacy Relief Project

Together We Can Make a Difference in the World



Protecting those who Serve

Legacy Relief Project empowers Christian organizations to advance God's truth and light into the darkest, most hostile, and closed regions of the world. Built on a foundation of military special operations and intelligence expertise, LRP leverages this knowledge to free the oppressed and eliminate barriers that hinder humanitarian organizations from accomplishing their mission.


Our Achievements

Explore our notable achievements, reflecting our dedication, innovation, and commitment to spreading kindness.


36 Children Saved

In the past year, our efforts have led to the rescue of 36 children from the grips of gang violence, providing them with safety and a chance for a brighter future. Through our dedicated work, we remain steadfast in our mission to protect and support vulnerable youth.


25,000 Meals Provided

We successfully delivered 25,000 meals to a partner organization via a dangerous ground transport. Additionally, a significant achievement during this mission was the establishment of a secure supply route, guaranteeing a more consistent provision of meals and essential supplies in the future.


40 National Officers Trained

We have successfully trained 40 national law officers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to uphold justice and maintain safety within their nation. Our comprehensive training programs ensure that law enforcement professionals are prepared to handle diverse challenges effectively and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

In April 2023, a partner organization in Haiti urgently contacted us, seeking assistance to rescue the lives of 29 children in dire need. Unfortunately this call was not the last of it’s kind, join the fight for a better world!

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